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  • ...rnor of the State of Kansas), it is important to resolve the rights of the parties in and to the manuscript as it relates to the contract of employment which ... sermon at eleven-thirty," Margie tells how their household was abuzz with political bull sessions. All the candidates and wannabes came through there: "My dad
    325 KB (57,937 words) - 20:16, 26 September 2010
  • ...ar or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an inter If we were to speak of Jefferson in modern political categories, we would have to admit that he was a pure libertarian, in relig
    17 KB (2,939 words) - 11:31, 8 August 2008
  • ...philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, social critic and political activist)|"I say quite deliberately that the Christian religion, as organiz ...ilitary junta refused to hand over the government to Muslim fundamentalist parties that had won the recent elections<ref>“Ten Dead in Fighting in Algeria,
    25 KB (3,756 words) - 16:27, 1 November 2015
  • ...to cloak them in the armor of a lofty ideal that is beyond critique. On a political front, here are some examples from an Internet dialogue: Granted, political parties and other groups offer the ability to accomplish much more through collecti
    6 KB (925 words) - 05:15, 24 January 2012
  • ... a Republican candidate for president in 2008 and 2012, and a very popular political figure among "Reagan conservatives"; while in the Republican party, his lea ... and the use of contraception (and if you don’t think there are powerful political interests that favor doing both of those things, you haven’t been paying
    49 KB (7,628 words) - 20:50, 29 May 2012
  • ...n, but I suspect that it was done on the basis of personal advancement and political reasons on the part of certain individuals in the District Federal Court an ...iven the liberal Open Society Elite's stranglehold on both major political parties, it is not practical.
    15 KB (2,514 words) - 16:28, 26 February 2008
  • ...ing religiosity. The secular era was in any case partly illusory. The mass political movements of the 20th century were vehicles for myths inherited from religi ... from atheism. They were demonstrating what happens when atheism becomes a political project. The invariable result is an ersatz religion that can only be maint
    26 KB (4,352 words) - 19:35, 30 April 2008
  • ...et. The [[Prophet]] Joseph, who was ultimately killed by his religious and political foes, is remembered as a martyr for the cause. ... of opinions, I often said to myself: What is to be done? Who of all these parties are right; or, are they all wrong together?<ref>Joseph Smith--History 1:10<
    8 KB (1,397 words) - 21:40, 9 January 2009
  • ...o see his appeal to independents. Just like in 2008, people who think both parties are crooked like to hear new voices. His Middle East policy<ref>http://abcn Published under various names—"The Ron Paul Survival Report," "The Ron Paul Political Report" etc.—the Ron Paul Newsletters provided a buffet of white racial p
    7 KB (1,092 words) - 22:10, 2 December 2011
  • ...es between the eminent Roman philosopher – at the height of his fame and political influence – and an unknown itinerant preacher we now call St Paul.<ref>{{ ===We would never expect disinterested parties, or outright 'enemies' of Christianity to record it, since it would not ser
    55 KB (9,303 words) - 00:31, 18 December 2015
  • ...ation (when a disagreement becomes more extreme even though the different parties are exposed to the same evidence), belief perseverance (when beliefs persis ... can lead to disastrous decisions, especially in organizational, military, political and social contexts.
    2 KB (309 words) - 17:09, 20 October 2010
  • ...litical affiliations, and injured two women. "He asked somebody what their political affiliation was, they said ‘Republican,’ and the guy said, 'You are saf ...ican lobbyist Craig J. Spence both of Washington, D.C. organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s.
    36 KB (4,895 words) - 22:51, 14 March 2021
  • This page documents important social and political issues where the two major parties clearly took opposing positions. ...l politicians are the same". "There's no difference between the two major parties."
    1 KB (135 words) - 21:57, 21 April 2018
  • This page compares the two major US political parties on a variety of different criteria. [[category:political arguments]]
    2 KB (334 words) - 21:30, 1 December 2018

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