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Common Theist Arguments

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Here we endeavor to organize a list of common theist arguments. These will be broken down into categories based on whether the arguments are general in nature (i.e. applying to a generic "god") or against specific religious philosophies.

Looking for a quick summary? Take a look at the Top ten arguments for the existence of God.

Notes to contributors

Note to contributors: Try not to put the arguments in this page - this is mainly an index to individual pages with more details on each argument. Create a link on this page, save it, and then click on that link to set up your new page.

  • For a good example of the format we want to present, see Argument From Design - each argument is broken into three main sections: summary, examples, problems/criticism. Theist statements representing the argument are wrapped in a bluebox template. Here's an example argument page to use as a template to cut-and-paste into new pages.

Hall of Fame

Arguments so amusing or erroneous they are fast becoming apocryphal.

General Arguments

  • Top ten arguments for the existence of God - A summary of the most common arguments to prove god exists, along with explanations.
  • Argument From Design - This is by far the most common and most prevalent argument theists present to "prove god exists". Every design needs a designer, and they use a wide variety of props from clocks to cola cans.
  • Argument from improbability - The second most common argument used to prove the existence of God. Look at the world; look at the human body, etc. The likelihood of something so perfectly tuned being arbitrarily created surely indicates the presence of a supernatural creator.
  • Argument from irreducible complexity - A variation of the argument from improbability, the irreducible complexity argument says that there are structures of life that defy the laws of evolution and natural selection and must have been intelligently designed.
  • Atheism is a belief - It takes just as much faith to be an atheist as it does a theist. Oh really?
  • Atheists "hate" God - If you don't believe, it's because you hate Jesus or God.
  • Pascal's Wager - What is there to lose by believing in god?
  • Morality - What's the source of morality? Is it divine?
  • What Is The Soul? - Discussions on consciousness
  • Creation of the Universe - What do theists and science say about creation in general?

Theist Propaganda

  • Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - A new movie featuring Ben Stein claims creationists are persecuted in the scientific community.
  • When creationists attack - A montage of various creationist propaganda videos attempting to discredit evolutionary theory and people who believe in evolution.

E-mail becomes a medium for various pro-god, mean-spirited or anti-atheist missives. Let's examine them.

  • Why are atheists so angry? - Why do atheists always seem angry and pissed off?
  • God sent me - A marine assaults a liberal college professor who demands god show himself
  • Atheist's prayer answered by god - Here's a cute little story about an atheist being brutally murdered that Christians typically find adorable and amusing. Watch your back. Religion of Peace™
  • I was the biggest skeptic in the world - A classic piece of cut-and-paste Christian propaganda that's going around the net. The story of "an atheist like you" who "learned the truth"

Philosophical Arguments

  • The Secret - This self-help book/DVD and philosophy is currently all the rage, embraced by new age gurus and religious people alike
  • The Burden of Proof
  • God does exist - Standard Christian essay explaining why God exists

Christian Arguments

Scriptural/Dogmatic Arguments

  • Bad Bible Advice - The "inspired word of God" seems to offer quite a lot of bad advice
  • Bible trivia - Interesting claims and facts about the Bible
  • Creationism/Intelligent Design - The most outrageous and visible battle in the war between theists and atheists. Here we examine all the arguments and details.
  • Different bible versions - Is there really that much difference between the various interpretations of the bible? Yes.
  • What Did Jesus Die For? - Where is the logic or morality in the idea that murdering an innocent creature can atone for the transgressions of others? Why worship someone for committing an act that all decent people, both theist and atheist would consider immoral?
  • Original Sin - Does the concept of original sin make sense?
  • A Great World Wide Flood - The Christian arguments for a great flood include finding fish fossils in mountains, and that a great flood story has been told by a society on every major land mass on the planet.
  • Abortion and the Bible - Is there scriptural evidence to support abortion being a sin?
  • God is good - If you look at some passages, God in the Bible says some nice things about people and how you should live your life. He almost sounds *gasp* liberal.
  • Monsters in the Bible - The Bible talks about amazing and scary creatures.
  • Sermon on the mount - Jesus' famous sermon is a standard by which modern Christianity is judged. But have you heard it all?

Historical Arguments

Scientific Arguments


Muslim Arguments

Other Religious Arguments

See Also

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