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Disclaimer and Terms of Service

This site may contain opinions and commentary that do not reflect those of the owner, editors, domain holder, Internet service provider, hosting company or other contributors. Those involved with the site offer no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of any information. However, we do strive to make sure all information made available is accurate. If you feel there are erroneous contributions so the site, please contact the editors and let us know, or edit the individual articles and make appropriate corrections. Please note however, that having a contrary opinion does not necessarily suggest you are right and the article is wrong. We employ standards of science and rationality when determining the legitimacy of information contained herein. "Faith" is not a standard by which the accuracy of a statement can be determined.

This site is a user-contributed online resource. The collection of material herein is copyrighted as a series of work that is prohibited from being republished or copied without permission.

User content. refers to any content posted, uploaded, or otherwise transmitted to this Site, including, but not limited to, profile information, posts, or comments. By posting, uploading, or otherwise transmitted user content to the Site, you hereby grant us a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual, and fully sublicensable and transferable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, create derivative works from and publicly display and perform such User Content in any media, now known or hereafter devised. You also grant us, our affiliates and sublicensees the right to use the name, identifier, or any portion thereof, submitted in connection with such user content, if we or they so choose. We will honor any Creative Commons license if content is published under such a license, and if the license is mentioned in the post itself or in the comments by the author of that content. Aside from this license, we will treat the content as any other user content.

You acknowledge and agree that you will not post on the Site any content for which you do not have the right to do so and to grant the rights granted above. You further acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible and liable for any content that you post, upload, or otherwise transmit on the Site and for any infringement or other liability that may result.

You understand that we are not responsible for content made available on the site and that, by using the Site, you may be exposed to content that is offensive, inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise objectionable. Furthermore, the Site and user content may contain links to other websites, which are completely independent of this Site. We make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, or authenticity of the information contained in any such site. Your linking to any other websites is at your own risk. You agree that you must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any user content, that you must not rely on said content, and that under no circumstances will we be liable in any way for any content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content posted, uploaded, or otherwise transmitted on or through the Site. You acknowledge that we do not pre-screen or approve user content, but that we shall have the right (but not obligation) to refuse, delete, or move any user content, with the consequences listed above (see User Conduct).

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