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Hi all. I'm a recently deconverted christian from Australia. I have been a christian all my life, but thankfully also a rational person, and my desire to reconcile these two conflicting belief systems eventually resulted in an investigation into the arguments from both christians and atheists. Of course, by the time I decided to give the issue rational consideration, I was already well on the way to atheism.

I'm proud to say that I'm a much more fulfilled atheist than I ever was a christian, and I'm always encouraging those christians with the ability to think, to dare to question.

Two of my most profound revelations since turning away from God are that 1. I am responsible for my actions and no-one else, and 2. I need to do everything I will ever want to do in this life - because there isn't going to be another one.

Another thing I've realised is just how lucky I am to be alive. Out of the around 500 million sperm that could have been me, I am the one that is now alive. To waste a life worshiping a fictional entity rather than advancing the human cause would be a disservice to all humans who have ever lived or ever will live. We may be the universe's only chance of understanding itself. Lets do justice to that end by seeing it for what it really is, and in all its beauty, without resorting to a god.

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