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Free will problems

  • I think that the biggest problem of free will is that nobody chose to be here on Earth (i.e. I didn't decided to be born on Earth or to be born as a "sinner").
  • The second thing about free will is that (especially because of survival instinct) nobody wants to die, but eventually will die.

-- Excellent points. I wonder if I can work them into the essay.--Pile 11:20, 1 August 2008 (CDT)

In my eyes the biggest problem with free will is if free will and god really exist, then God is not omniscient, or all knowing. If God does exist and is omniscient then he knows what our final choice is going to be in advance and we can only choose what he already knows we will choose. His foreknowledge of our final choice is our only choice. We can only choose what he already knows we will choose and hence no free will.

-- A logical proof you may want to use:

1. Assume an omnipotent omniscient god that created all humans. 2. he knows everything that occurred at all times, past, present and future. He can change anything at any time. (omniscience, omnipotence) 3. He can change a future event by changing any prior cause of that event. (omnipotence) 4. At the moment of creation of humans, he knew every decision that every human would make. (omniscience) 5. At the moment of creation of humans, he could have changed any decision made by any human by editing the act of creation of humans. (omnipotence, 3) 6. Further, he must have consciously chosen each decision, as even if god created all humans and then did nothing further, he was tacitly agreeing to all future decisions, as he knew about them. (5, omniscience) 7. each decision that is ever made by humans was therefore made by god in the act of creation, as he had the power to change any decision, therefore he chose the outcome of every decision.(5 and 6) 8. every decision that is ever made by humans was actually made by god (7) 9. there is no free will.

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