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Talk:10 questions every intelligent christian must answer

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lol...... why do kiddies starve? GOD IS IMAGINARY

Imaginary friends aren't causing hunger, it's caused by a lack of food, stating what you are trying to prove makes little sense.

He should've given the actual reason instead of saying god is imaginary.

These are just bits of my personal opinion as well as some of the opinions of others I know.

Ah yes, I am atheist, and have been one since I reached the age of reason (around 10 years old, about the same time I read the bible, dunno if it was reason, or the bible but religion no longer appealed to me afterwards)

1) why wont god heal amputees.

a) most miracles are conditions that could heal on their own, while amputees have no chance of regenerating a lost limb, hence a real miracle would occur if one did regrow a lost limb. A miracle is something that cannot be explained. If a miracle can be explained with rationality then it is not a miracle, merely a phenomenon.

2) Why are there so many starving people in our world?

a) There is a limited amount of food, a surge in population without the proper amount of food causes starvation. If you have enough food for 3 people and have 9 children you aren't exactly going to be pigging out now are you?

3) Why does god demand the death of so many innocents in the bible?

a) The bible relies on fear in order to keep its followers, having the worst punishment for not believing makes people take the "better to be safe than sorry" route. After all, if he killed innocents what do you think he would do to the sinners?

4) Why does the bible contain so much anti-scientific nonsense?

a) Much of the nonsense are things that they could not imagine ever being proven wrong. Much like apollos chariot pulling the sun across the sky, actually getting realistic information from a shining orb in the sky seemed so unrealistic that they made gods about it.

5) Why is god such a huge proponent of slavery in the bible?

a) When the bible was written, the only ones able to read and write were those who were in power and who were wealthy, obviously those in power would never expect to find themselves in slavery, in fact those in power would be the most likely ones to use slavery and making the masses agree with you through god is actually very intelligent. Even if somewhat dispicable.

6) Why do bad things happen to good people?

a) The answer given was good, statistically bad things happen to good and bad people at somewhat the same rate, (excluding bad things that were self-imposed)

7) Why didn't any of jesus's miracles leave behind any evidence?

a) I must be missing something, what miracle would be large enough to leave behind physical evidence? The only thing christians say about him is that he healed the sick and got nailed to a cross.

8) I think Ill skip this one

9) Ditto

10) Why do christians/non-christians get divorced at the same rate?

a) Because people today think marriage is about romantic love. Ask any woman before the romantic periods in this country, marriage has always been about "making it work" not about love or anything else. Marriage Used to be purely religious, but not anymore, in fact marriage is now more in the state sector than it is in a church sector.

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