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Mike Gravel

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Mike Gravel has been a 2008 Presidential candidate and Senator. He's also quite a freethinker considering his position in Congress:

We here at FTP recognize the veiled skepticism of theology that people like Senator Gravel espouse. They can't go public with their lack of belief. But they talk rationally and responsibly on the important issues over whether or not religion has any place in government, and the fact that morality has very little to do with religious doctrine. That's atheist "crazy-talk". At this point, Senator, why not come out of the closet?

The Gravel campaign has asked the Rational Response Squad, a group of aggressive atheist activists to help promote the fact that Gravel is for science and against religious oppression:

On behalf of Mike Gravel let me first off say thank your educating the public via the Rational Response Squad. We also are interested in meeting you guys for a possible interview/collaboration. Let us know if you are available.


Mike Gravel would like to have his video regarding the Oppressive Nature of Religion featured on your front page or News section. To date, Mike Gravel is the ONLY Presidential candidate running to declare publicly his total support for Evolution, Science as well as recognizing the oppressive nature of Religion.

Mike is also running on a platform of increased funding for Science,(half of the United States Budget under his economic plan) and totally discarding any notion of Creationism whatsoever in the public education system. Mike believes education comes first before anything.

It would be not only a great favor for us, but very beneficial for everyone to see that they do in fact have a choice of a candidate who not only shares your views on the current status of Science but also feels the same about Religion.

Here is the official video that we would like featured http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYh5NUYCYsM

Thank You Sincerely,

Adam R. Abeles

Chief Biological Science Advisor


Mike Gravel for President 2008


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