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Evolution and sex

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A French Study[1] When apes switched from quadrupedalism to bipedalism, it changed the sexual aspect of their bodies.

Inaccessible and concealed external female genitals are one of the morphological characteristics distinguishing humans from other higher primates.

External female sexual organs in subhuman primates are visible and accessible in the habitual quadrupedal and occasional bipedal posture, whereas these organs in the human female are inaccessible and concealed in any posture. A prospective consequence of gradual bipedalism of hominids during evolution was a shifting of the external female genitals in an anterior direction. In the completely bipedal Homo sapiens, this resulted in the vulvo-cryptic phenomenon, i.e. concealed female genitals in humans.

The unique morphology of the human female pelvis served as an obstacle to easy access of the male in the process of copulation, necessitating the female’s conscious decision for sexual intercourse. This circumstance might have created a psychological basis for female propellant psychosexual manipulation of the male as a natural consequence.

Also, through the process of positive selection it could have formed a basis for linking reproductive success with the development of cognitive and emotional capacities. Female consent to copulation is a conscious and complex act that would be impossible without the involvement of highly developed emotional-cognitive and memoric brain systems.

Thus the extraordinary evolutionary strategy might imply a teleological link between concealed female genitals and the emotional-cognitive characteristics of man, creating a permanent promoter of further development of emotional and cognitive brain systems with an impact on all domains of everyday life.

Male apes used to have tiny genitals hidden in the quadrupedal posture. On the other hand, females sexual organs were visible (and accessible — think about the impressive vaginal swellings of chimpanzee females). This means that before apes became modern humans, the female “desire” was visible, while the male one was concealed.

So when apes switched from quadrupedalism to bipedalism, the swollen external female genitals shrank to the tiny human female labia, went hidden behind the pubic hair and between the legs, and became concealed in any posture (aka the vulvo-cryptic phenomenon). Also, the smells that signal fertility became nearly imperceptible.

While the female shifting went in an anterior direction, the male shifting went the opposite way: by walking upright, the male showed his (bigger) penis.

Studies indicate that, aside from its functions as a visual signal, the female chimpanzee’s sexual skin swelling adds considerably to the distance males must negotiate during copulation to place spermatozoa at the cervical os. Evolution of the male’s elongated, filiform penis may therefore be the result of sexual selection, to negotiate the long vagina of the female and to penetrate copulatory plugs deposited during previous copulations.

Also: female apes didn’t have any boobies. And both males and females were hairy. They were distinguishable by their size (males could weigh up to three times as much as the females). Men and women are less easy to distinguish by their size, so women’s breast and men’s bigger genital aid in recognition of the opposite sex.

So now the male’s genitals are visible, and the woman’s genitals are invisible (unless she spreads her legs).

Male apes used to “read” the (visible and accessible) female genitals to see if the female was in heat. Not anymore. Modern men now have to read the face of the woman. That’s a big shift.


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