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Creationist museum tour

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What happens when a young earth creationist forms a "biblically correct tour company" that takes children around to traditional museums and "re-educates" them? You get a bunch of kids who do not understand the concept of science:

PZ Myers has this to say:

The really awful pedagogy. Over and over again, the creationist says some stock phrase and then pauses, waiting for his kids to fill in the missing word. This is simply demanding rote learning. Similarly, he leads the kids in asking a good question — "how do you know?" — while training them to ignore any answers. Right there on the wall is a description of radiometric dating methods, for instance, and they turn their back on it.

Then there is the twisted logic. T. rex has big sharp teeth; they know, though, that he was a vegetarian, because "if this creature was designed to eat meat from the very start, what would he have to do until Adam and Eve sinned, and death entered the world? What would he have to do? Fast and pray for the Fall." Oh, and of course, he then says, "Is that likely? Everyone look at me and say…<pause>no. Try that with me…no."

This is child abuse. Those kids are getting their heads stuffed with ignorance.

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