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Comedians on religion

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Here is a collection of videos from comedians talking about religion. All of these guys happen to be atheist.

Doug Stanhope - You make your own Christianity.

Bill Maher on religion and the Constitution

The late, great Bill Hicks on religion and "sexual thoughts"

The master, George Carlin: religion is bullshit

Julia Sweeney reads from "Letting Go Of God

Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky on religion

Billy Connolly: Religion is over.

Janine Garofolo takes on religion

Kathy Griffith on Catholocism

Kathy Griffin on her "suck it Jesus" comment at the Emmys.

David Cross on goofy religious people

Ricky Gervais: Mom used Jesus as an unpaid baby sitter

Eddie Izzard on creations

A list of comedians who are atheist

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