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Top Ten Erroneous Christian Claims

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These are actual claims lifted from various Christian messageboards...


10. There is no explanation for creation

There is no question as to whether God is real or not, what else is out there to explain the wonderful creation of even the great outdoors, let alone human beings?

There's this thing called "Science". Look into it. It explains all sorts of stuff, including how weather works, what makes mountains, why trees grow, etc. Put down the Bible. Pick up a science book. Learn something and stop making claims about stuff when it's obvious you don't know what you're talking about.



9. Evolutionists think man and animals happened "by chance."

It's hard for me to even think of a perfectly fitting world to just come into being by chance. Think of it like this, if our planet were .0001 degree off of it's tilt, our whole planet would be completely screwed up,yet we are on just the perfect slant. isn't that amazing enough to credit to our Maker?

Perfect world.jpg

Way to go to put the cart before the horse.

If this planet had a different environment, scientists speculate life would have developed differently. Just recently we've discovered strange methane-based (instead of carbon-based) life forms deep in the ocean. It makes sense that life developed to accommodate these conditions instead of the nonsensical claim that life existed before its environment.

The same thing applies when people suggest how and why the human body could develop into such a "perfect machine" so suited for itself and the world.

Ironically, this is one area where scientists and religious people agree: There's no way that man and animals happened "by chance". There was another major factor involved, called Natural selection, that theists repeatedly pretend doesn't exist. And this concept of Natural selection explains how and why creatures can evolve, and it has been proven as a fact; it's constantly observable on virtually every scale. So if you see someone claiming that evolutionists think man happened "by accident", tell them they're being stupid. See the fact of evolution.

8. Treat "science" as if it were a person

You know what I've come to realize.. is that even if humans were created by random chance, what explains emotions? How could pure science create emotions such as love? Guess that's where God comes in!

The fallacies in this statement, taken from a Christian facebook group, are numerous. The most obnoxious has to be the idea that "science" is some sort of entity, like God, and can create things.

Christians seem to have a difficult understanding science in general. They often assume it is a one-for-one substitute for their creator concept. Fundamentalist Kent Hovind was quite fond of telling evolutionists that, "Time is your God". These ridiculous assertions are basically a religious person's feeble attempt at ad hominem while revealing how little they really understand about the world in which we live in.

Science is not a thing or a person. It's a discipline, a way of looking at the world and understanding it. Science and God are not equals; they're not incomparable either. Science promotes guidelines that we've determined are a smart way to qualify and quantify our world and everything in it. If you think your God is in this world, then we can apply science to your claim and come to a "scientific conclusion". If you don't like the conclusion, that's your problem. You don't seem to mind the benefits of science when you get sick and need medicine.


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