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Talk:Deconversion stories

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Why call it "deconversion?"

I think that losing your eeligion is worthy of a more descriptive change of life. If you wanted to be cheeky, you could say that for some Christians, its great to be "saved"--for Ahteists, we're "backed up!"

Jokes aside, after a bit of searching, I found that its common to call it "deconversion" in the atheist communities, but I had not heard of it before. If you're in a cult and your family wants you out of it, they commission "deprogramming", but deconversion doesn't even appear to be commonly used in English (its French, déconversion). Religious people would call it apostacy. Whatever its use, it is not commonly used outside of the cicles of ahtheism and needs more explanation. ---Acrylicist 09:45, 26 September 2007 (CDT)

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