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Sexo Grammaticus

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Sexo Grammaticus is the Lord High Editor of The 1585, a political-satire website specializing in critiques of religion and political correctness. Though only a handful of the essays on the site name Grammaticus as the sole author, he is generally assumed to be primarily responsible for those in which no author is named, or at least to have final say over them. The only 1585 essays known to be utterly free of Grammaticus's involvement are those written in the first-person by Sexa Rubelucia.

Grammaticus's real name is unknown, and biographical details are sparse. It is evident from his work that he has near-superhuman mastery of logic, and knowledge of a wide range of subjects, most notably science, literature, and pop-culture trivia. Certain of his essays allude to past aspirations to stand-up comedy and membership in a rock band. His MySpace page gives his current age as 29, and lists his personal heroes as James Joyce, John Lennon, Lord Byron, Kurt Cobain, Richard Dawkins, Camille Paglia, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Madonna.

The sobriquet "Sexo Grammaticus" is evidently a pun on the name of medieval historian Saxo Grammaticus. Whether this allusion is solely for humorous effect or has some deeper significance is not clear.

It was confirmed by Grammaticus in a radio appearance with the Rational Response Squad that the man in the below 1585 avatar is indeed Grammaticus himself.

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