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Sexa Rubelucia

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Lady Sexa Rubelucia, Baroness of The 1585 is the only author on The 1585 known by a named identity aside from Lord High Editor Sexo Grammaticus. Her essays thus far are chiefly concerned with sexual politics and female sexual identity, and advocate sexual aggressiveness and embracement of kink on the part of women, often in sharp and deliberate contrast to a perceived puritanical streak in far-left academic feminism.

Rubelucia is apparently less protective of her true identity than is Grammaticus and, although she has not revealed her real-world name, her essays typically feature erotic photographs of her, often humorously related to that particular essay's subject matter. Her MySpace page makes it clear that she is also an accomplished burlesque performer.

The close relationship between The 1585 and the Rational Response Squad was sparked when RRS member Kelly stumbled across one of Rubelucia's essays and instantly loved it. Rubelucia participated in the RRS streaming-radio interview with Sexo Grammaticus, during which she famously masturbated to orgasm live on the air.

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