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Grant R. Jeffrey

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Grant R. Jeffrey is a religious apologist who writes and publishes a variety of books centering around conspiratorial biblical prophesy, end of the world themes, satan and promotion of creationism by bastardizing scientific facts.

  • “Dr.” Jeffrey received his Masters and PhD by mail order from Louisiana Baptist University, a non-accredited “diploma mill” located in Shreveport, Louisiana (while Jeffrey is from Canada). Also his degrees are not in any scientific field, but instead, “biblical studies”. There’s no indication that this guy has any experience or education in the field of science.
  • Grant Jeffrey repeatedly makes claims regarding prophesy that end up being phony. In his first book, he stated Jesus would return in 1988.
  • Jeffrey has a long history of writing books about scripture that are misleading and erroneous. His book “Bible Codes” has been debunked by experts in the field: http://talkreason.org/articles/ISA_53.pdf
  • Jeffrey also wrote several books on the Y2K/millennium issue claiming these were significant biblical signs and all of society was going to be in chaos. This of course, didn’t happen, and now Jeffrey is trying to erase the memory of these embarrassing books.

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