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Brian Sapient

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Who is Brian Sapient?

  • Founding member of the Rational Response Squad
  • FULL TIME ACTIVIST, not employed, sustaining himself fully on any income generated helping people overcome theism and with related projects.
  • Webmaster and Administrator at www.RationalResponders.com
  • Show host and one of the founding members of the Rational Response Squad.
  • Promotions team for the Richard Dawkins Foundation and Sam Harris.
  • Spends 60-140 hours per week on atheist/freethought/politically motivated activism
  • Ex-host of the Book of Sapient show.
  • Is credited with knowingly deconverting approx. 35 people from theism, to their naturally born state of atheist.
  • 8 year friend of the owner and promoter of The Atheist Network, worked as operations manager of AN as a volunteer.
  • Co-Creator of the new Ask The Atheist.
  • 7 year promoter of The Infidel Guy, ex-publicist for the Infidel Guy.
  • American contact for Luigi Cascioli, and activist on his behalf.
  • Marketing Guru for the show hosts of Freethoughtmedia.com, finding them advertisers for their shows and helping to promote their efforts.
  • Co-Founder in the War on Easter and War on Christmas.
  • Moderator in several forums for the Infidel Guy.

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