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Was Jesus a good role model

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The Jesus of the bible was a web of contradictions; sure if you read the sermon on the mount he sounds great, but

  • he establishes the idea of eternal torment in hell
  • he spoke against elements of the church hierarchy, but he also spoke in favour of the old laws (you know, all the OT stoning and burning and other nasty stuff) several times (Matthew 5:18-19, Luke 16:17).
  • When he was a guest in someone's home for a meal and they complained he hadn't washed his hands, he savaged them for not having stoned their children (Matthew 15:4-7).
  • He regularly shows prejudice to non-Jews. He's often ungracious in the face of people's kindness.
  • he thinks the worst thing you can do - worse than murder, worse than raping and eating children - in fact the only unforgiveable sin - is blasphemy against he holy spirit.
  • a descendant can be punished for the sins of their parents
  • ritualistic murder of an innocent person is a suitable way to pay for a debt
  • ultimately, the notion of "sacrifice" is meaningless and watered down when you can resurrect yourself and go back to the way you were

I could name a pile of other stuff. According to his OWN BOOK, he's not the gentle Gandhi-like figure he's often made out to be...

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