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Talk:Priest Abuse

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Can we remove the Jesus picture that looks like he's helping the boy give him head? It think it's very very funny, but putting the picture there makes FreeThoughtpedia look like Uncyclopedia. It doesn't make us look legit. Then again, it's not really a big deal. --omgplasticjesus 7:30am 11 September 2007

Since you're doing most of the maintenance on this page, I have no problem with you removing it. I wouldn't mind keeping some of the other stuff lower down.. I know it might detract from the serious tone of the page, but I also think levity is important to get people to pay attention to important issues. --Pile 11:36, 11 September 2007 (CDT)

Sounds good. I admit I might've gone overboard with so many links. But hey, there are just so many cases. Again, it's not really a big deal, but I think some of the pictures only take away the serious tone. We'll live, though. --omgplasticjesus 6:36am 12 September 2007

The last thing I want to do is discourage you. I think what you're doing is awesome! It's that kind of ongoing diligence which is going to make this site so important. --Pile 16:30, 12 September 2007 (CDT)

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