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Revision as of 18:54, 4 February 2009 by Pile (Talk | contribs)
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I find it interesting to note that in the second rule, he only has to pay her father 50 Sheckels if they are found together.


Some guy wrote before he vandalized the page

A message from a casual observer,

I honestly would refer to myself as being close to what you would call an Atheist in the sense that I don't believe in much of anything, but I've read the bible and interpreted it, and it seems that this page tends to bend the truth a bit on interpretations, and that just seems hypocritical. Don't you think?

So yeah, it's gone now until they revert to the last change I guess. I figure if it's down for one day, I may save one person from viewing this and being hit with the same cheap tricks the writer of this page probably blames Christians for.

Pile's response

Here's a classic case of a theist pretending to be a non-theist and then sabotaging anything he disagrees with. This lowlife from the IP of near Chantilly, Virginia, rather than address any particular issue the page raised, decided to remove all the content and replace it with the clever message above. All this page does is quote Bible text with a short description. There's not much to take out of context; there's no bizarre translation of the text. This christian simply didn't like his nose being rubbed in the mess that he worships that he cannot reconcile, so his recourse was to destroy the information so others cannot see the truth about his doctrine. We weren't making any of this up. This is why it's so important to call attention to these matters. Because christians would rather tell you lies than the truth about what "the good book" says you should do.--Pile 09:51, 4 February 2008 (CST)

Eric's response to Pile

I want to say the other guy had a very good point. Having read alot of the Bible, I know that you are taking MANY of those out of context. Examples:

1. Ok to heat human feces: Ezekiel was a prophet. He was told by God to do some strange things to send a message to israel. That was not a command to everybody. That was a command to him specifically.

2. Cutting off your penis to get to heaven: He says no such thing. He points out that some people castrate themselves for the kingdom of heaven but you do not need to. (like nuns or monks swearing to never marry but a little more extreme) He says this in response to a question his disciples ask. seriously, just read one verse before that one.

3. Mustard seed not being the smallest: Jesus was making an illustration to get his point across. He probably used a mustard seed because his disciples knew about it. If he used a seed nobody knows about in a parable, how effective would that be at getting his point across?

This website just shows that context is very important and if read out of context, the Bible is a very silly thing. I would like to put some more of the verses in context but many of them are either due to cultural differences or take faith to not sound insane. And I really am not completely sure what they all meant. To decide weither they are actually stupid or not, you have to do research into context.

Pile's response

You are doing what the previous guy was doing, which is what I am doing. The difference is, unlike you and the first guy, I am not authoritatively claiming I understand the implicit nature and intent of the scripture. The purpose of this page is to point out how easy it is to interpret scripture and make a wide variety of ludicrous claims.

More importantly, I seriously doubt you can claim any superior contextual intent, given the fact that the scriptures themselves, by their very act of being canonized, were taken out of context.

The point here is, the bible is a lousy source of moral and social guidelines. If you're going to take one passage and suggest it's the source for an arbitrary dictate, I'll do the same and demonstrate the irrationality of doing so. I never claimed my interpretation was superior, just equally ridiculous.

You can claim your interpretation is superior when Jesus shows up, performs a few miracles that prove his supernatural status and makes clear corrections. Until then, the page stands to show how scripture can be exploited to mean just about anything. --Pile 18:52, 4 February 2009 (CST)

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