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Science of Identity Foundation

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The Science of Identity Foundation, founded in Hawaii in 1977, is centre to a network of business, political and spiritual enterprises operating throughout the world under the direction of Chris Butler (Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa).

The 'science of identity' is also the title given to a distinct doctrine, as defined by Chris Butler, centered on the concept of spiritual life being dependent on any individual discovering thier 'actual identity' and being prepared to live according to their 'true nature'. As organisation and philosophy are entirely co-existent both are essentially referred to by the abbreviation of SoI.

SoI is based around an authoritarian pyramid structure with Chris Butler, accepted as being the only genuine spiritual authority on earth and a direct link to God, at the top.

The means for achieving 'liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death' (re-incarnation) in SoI and 'going home to Godhead' (existing in the eternal bliss of Krishna's heavenly abode) is to accept Chris Butler's teachings as the 'absolute truth' and to engage in 'bhaki yoga' (devotional service).

In practice and belief SoI most closely resembles the Vaishnava or 'Hare Krishna' religion, particularly the four regulative principles, worship of the Hindu deity Krishna and the practice of Bhakti Yoga, particularly the emphasis on surrendering to a 'spiritual master' or 'guru', but is also influenced by mystic yoga, zen buddhism, Chinese esoteric practices, the Bible's New Testament and various psuedo-scientific theories.

Further Resources

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