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Myths about Islam

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Like most religions, Muslims have many claims that often slide by in casual conversation that are left unchallenged and assumed to be legitimate. Most of these claims are in fact, fraudulent. Let's look at a few of the most common myths and misconceptions about Islam.

The Qur‘an is Preserved and Unchanged Revelation from Allah

Foremost among Muslim beliefs about the Qur'an is that it was given to Mohammed by direct revelation from Allah. The traditional Muslim histories affirm this by stating that the angel Gabriel transmitted the Qur'an word for word to Mohammed from Allah, and that Mohammed then recited these words to his Companions, who memorized, and sometimes transcribed, these qira‘ (recitations) that form the Qur'an. Further, this revelation from Allah has remained the same, word for word, never changing through all the intervening centuries of copying and transmission.

Unfortunately, it is easy to make such a claim when any alternate translation is subject to destruction.


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