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Gun accidents

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Gun Accident Article Archive

This is a collection of stories related to gun accidents.

  • Gun-loving Florida mom, owner of Facebook group, "Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense" shot by 4-year-old son from the backseat of her vehicle while driving.[1]
  • 3 year old shot by man while cleaning his gun, brings the child to a local Winn Dixie. [2]
  • Woman accidentally kills self adjusting bra holster. [3]
  • 2 killed in shootout at Louisiana gun store. [4]
  • Texas man accidentally shoots himself in church. [5]
  • Homeowner ("good guy with gun", kills EMT responding to medical emergency) charged with manslaughter in death of Sherwood firefighter[6]
  • Moviegoer critically wounded after drunk’s gun fires during ’13 Hours’ Benghazi film.[7]
  • Man practicing open carry law robbed of gun. [8]
  • Teenager shot while ringing doorbell in suburban Oklahoma neighborhood. [9]
  • Mistaking her for an intruder, Florida woman shot and killed her 27-year-old daughter [10]
  • An unidentified man was checking out at a Home Depot, in Brighton, Michigan. When reaching for his wallet, he accidentally grabbed his gun instead. The gun went off in his pocket, shooting the man in the butt. [11]
  • ‘Worst nightmare': Woman with concealed gun permit shoots at fleeing shoplifter outside Home Depot[12]

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