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Dan Barker vs. Jason Gastrich

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This is one of our favorite audio debates and an excellent introduction for a theist wondering whether or not it is rational to question belief in God.

Dan barker.jpg

Here, former fundamentalist minister-turned-atheist, Dan Barker confronts a younger, more naive version of himself, Jason Gastrich as they discuss and debate the validity of religion, bible prophesy, the source of morality, and much more.

NOTE: Dan Barker does not like this being called a "debate" because it's more of an informal conversation, but it still is in a good format to give each side plenty of time to talk and address each others' issues.

Click to play live stream (approximately 2 hours but well worth it!)

This is a great example of a civil conversation between an atheist and a theist that provides a lot of insight and information. Be sure to check out Dan's book Losing Faith In Faith.

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