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Battleground evangelism

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Battleground evangelism is a word describing the the act of preaching evangelical Christianity at public social events, often creating conflict by making public judgments of partygoers.

Made famous by Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist church, battleground evangelism involves setting up in a public space and deriding passers by with religious jingoisms.

There's also a new form of Religious counter protesting going on to combat these groups.

The evangelicals call it "spiritual warfare" and pantomime as if they are fighting evil, satanic forces as they parade around in public screaming at people indiscriminately, passing judgment and telling them they will burn in hell. The preachers also use the scenario to reinforce their sense of self-righteousness by referencing biblical passages which suggest Jesus was also subject to conflict and ridicule as he sought to promote his ideology in public.


This is another popular technique is giving away food in public spaces as a way of getting attention so people can be preached to.

Cold turkey evangelism

This is the name given for trying to go out on the street and convert people "cold turkey." It is basically a quickie-method of what they call "soul-winning" where a preacher's objective is to get someone to "convert" by saying they have faith in Jesus. There's no typical follow-up or attention paid to the mark after the so-called conversion. The evangelist puts a notch on his belt, believing he's saved another soul, and moves on.

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